Charles Jencks – Crawick Multiverse

A Third Channel production for the Garden Museum ©Garden Museum

In 2005 Charles Jencks was invited to re-imagine an abandoned open-cast coal site in Sanquhar, southern Scotland. The mine was closed in the 1980s, like many others in the surrounding area. Inspired by the landforms left over from the coal mining process, Charles’ design focused on ecological and astronomical themes, connecting the post-industrial site with neighbouring landscape, and seeking to put into form the latest thinking in astronomy and cosmology. The Crawick Multiverse opened to the public in 2015 and consists of a series of paths that link together landforms that represent the sun, universes, galaxies, black holes, and comets. The park illustrates one of the most controversial ideas in contemporary cosmology, that our universe is only one of many multiverses. The concept has been explored for years by science fiction writers, as well as scientists, and shows that fertile ground where philosophy and physics meet.

The film was commisioned by Garden Museum.

Charles Jencks – Crawick Multiverse
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