A new site-specific installation by Sonia Leimer

The Cosmic House

30 September30 August 2024

Vienna-based artist Sonia Leimer’s exhibition will open to the public in September 2024. In response to the themes of The Cosmic House and building on her previous research, Leimer has been collecting dust from the roof of the house museum. Working with the support of the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Leimer analysed the collected material, uncovering a fascinating array of particles including some ‘cosmic dust’.

These tiny particles, often dark in colour and slightly magnetic due to their chemical composition, can be easily mistaken for ordinary Earth dust. Through microscope photography, Leimer captured these minute particles, using them as inspiration for her sculptures made of bronze, aluminum and glass. Leimer’s III/VI sculptures bring into view something that is typically invisible but which links the city and the Cosmos.

In addition to the sculptures, Leimer will create a film of the micro-details of The Cosmic House, accentuating textures, surfaces and closeups of the architecture, combined with footage from the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland, and a microscopic journey through the collected dust from The Cosmic House at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Phileas – The Austrian Office for Contemporary Art with the generous support of legero united | con-tempus.eu.